Barebow archery means without sights, stabilizer or other supplementary aids.
A field archery tournament contains 24 targets in open territory in different distances.
The course normally runs over several kilometers in woods, over open fields, up and down (topography permitting).
Within four minutes three arrows have to be shot at the target.
The distance to the targets vary between 5 and 50 meters.(only Barebow!)

Each year there are tournaments all over Germany and all over the globe. Every second year world championships are to be held.

The last world championship took part in
(Sweden) from August 27th to 2th September 2006.

The world championship 2008 will be held in
Liwynypia, Wales, GB, from 1.-6. September. Monika Jentges has won the Broncemedaille Team Women!

Through my activities as a Coach and tuner some of my archers were able to win numerous medals at national and international championships, such as:

1 Silvermedal, Monika Jentges, bei den World Field Archery Championships 2006 at Göteborg, Schweden!
1 Goldmedal, Monika Jentges Worldgames 2005 at Duisburg/Mülheim, Germany
1 Goldmedal, Monika Jentges, Europameisterschaft 2005 at Rogla/Slowenien
1 World-Champion, Monika Jentges (Plitvice 2004 Kroatien)
1 World-Champion, Monika Jentges (Canberra Australien 2002)-,
1 Europe-World Champion, Monika Jentges (Vagney France 2003)
1 Vice-World Champion, Tatjana Zurek ( Helsinki 1984)
1 Vice-Europe Champion, Tatjana Zurek ( Helsinki 1984)

16 German Champions - 8 German Vice Champions
4 Bronze Medals German Championship.
The titles at federal level are not to be counted since they are a precondition for further advancements. Numerous victories at home and abroad.

Since 1979, I have been devoted to the pursuit of Archery. I am no longer active in the sport myself but I still work with and keep in touch with many of my archery students. Monika Jentges, one of them just won the gold medal 2004 in the Ladies Blank Archery competition, and the Goldmedal 2005 at the Worldgames in Duisburg/Mülheim, Germany!

am especially proud of this accomplishment as it marks the culmination of our many years of working together.

Monika Jentges is at the present time Germany's most successful woman archer in the Ladies Blank division.